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AbbreviationTermPathUsed in
 CPa  commissura pallii avian
 PBG  parabigeminal nucleus rodent, carnivore, primate
 PB  parabrachial nucleus rodent, carnivore, primate
 NCPa  nucleus of commissura pallii avian
 Ov  nucleus ovoidalis avian
 L  area L avian
 DLL  nucleus dorsolateralis anterior thalami, pars lateralis avian
 DMA  nucleus dorsomedialis anterior thalami avian
 Tn  nucleus taeniae avian
 SRt  nucleus subrotundus avian
 SPC  nucleus superficialis parvocellularis (nucleus tractus septomesencephalici) avian
 VMH  ventromedial nucleus of hypothalamus avian
 Rt  nucleus rotundus avian
 NTB  nucleus of trapezoid body rodent, carnivore, primate
 NST  nucleus of stria terminalis rodent, carnivore, primate
 NPC  nucleus of posterior commissure rodent, carnivore, primate
 PvT  paraventricular nucleus of thalamus avian
 NC  central nucleus of brainstem rodent, carnivore, primate
 LM  lemniscus medialis avian
 OVH  organum vasculosum hypothalamus avian
 DMP  nucleus dorsomedialis posterior thalami avian
 LR  lateral reticular nucleus rodent, carnivore, primate
 DLP  nucleus dorsolateralis posterior thalami avian
 LM  medial lemniscus rodent, carnivore, primate
 LLV  ventral nucleus of lateral lemniscus rodent, carnivore, primate
 LLD  dorsal nucleus of lateral lemniscus rodent, carnivore, primate
 PMI  nucleus paramedianus internus thalami avian
 DIVA  dorsalis intermedius pars ventralis anterior avian
 IVN  trochlear nerve rodent, carnivore, primate
 CV  ventral cochlear nucleus rodent, carnivore, primate
 SFN  septofimbrial nucleus primate
 HM  nucleus habenularis medialis avian
 Ru  nucleus ruber avian
 ST  stria terminalis avian
 P  corpus pineale avian
 CST  corticospinal tract rodent, carnivore, primate
 CP  cerebral peduncle rodent, carnivore, primate
 PM  premamillary nucleus primate
 SHN  septohypothalamic nucleus primate
 PR  prerubral field primate
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