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"If is like Google Maps for the Brain, StackVis is Google Earth for the Brain"

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Windows Version
(also works with Linux + Wine)

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Welcome to StackVisTM, an OpenGL-based 3D viewer of neuroanatomical sections (for 3D brain visualization), which was developed by Issac Trotts in the labs of Edward G. Jones.

Please note that StackVis is no longer supported. StackVis will likely not work on Windows 7 or later.

The 3D trackball camera controls (for 3D mode) are as follows. Click and drag to rotate. Hold down the shift key and click/drag up and down to zoom in and out. The middle mouse button also adjusts the zoom level, as does the scroll button if your mouse has one. To translate, hold down the control key and the left mouse button while dragging the mouse. Fine rotation can be achieved by holding down control, shift, and the left mouse button while dragging.

Press keyboard '2' to switch from 3D mode to 2D mode. In 2D camera mode, a couple of controls are changed. Dragging pans the camera and control-drag rotates. Everything else is the same as the 3D mode.

Press keyboard 'a' or 'b' to chop off the front or back of the image stack. Press Tab and Shift-Tab to move the current section forward and backward. It is also possible to change the current slide by holding down the shift key while moving the mouse wheel.

StackVis currently works on all Windows platforms. To use StackVis on Linux, try using with Wine. Note that on Windows Vista, it is necessary to set the StackVis directory permissions so that "read-only" is completely unchecked. StackVis is no longer supported. We know of no reports of StackVis working on Windows 7 or higher. Best of luck.


I. Trotts, S. Mikula, E.G. Jones. Interactive Visualization of Multiresolution Image Stacks in 3D. NeuroImage. 2007. 35(3):1038-43

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