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General Information:   In addition to web-based tools, BrainMaps has several powerful desktop applications for working with BrainMaps data.

StackVis:    It's like Google Earth for the Brain. StackVis is an OpenGL-based desktop application for Windows and Linux (with Wine) that shows sections from as stacks in 3D (for 3D brain visualization).

BrainMaps Analyze:   A powerful program that allows users to grab high-resolution image data from the BrainMaps server and apply image analysis and image processing routines.

BrainMaps B3D:   An interactive 3D program that is integrated with It presents 2D image data within a 3D framework and fetches high-resolution image data from the server.

Nodes 3D:   Allows for 3D interactive visualization of brain connectivity (i.e., 3D interactive network visualization).

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