Ventral Lateral Anterior Nucleus Of Thalamus

Results show that the lesions were centered upon the posterior portion of the ventral lateral (VLp) nucleus of the thalamus, included the posterior part of the ventral lateral anterior nucleus (VLa), and extended posteriorly to encroach upon the most rostral sector of the sensory ventral posterior nucleus (VPLa).  

For the first time, it could be demonstrated that thalamic metabolic changes associated with tremor in PD are localized in the ventral lateral anterior nucleus (VLa).  

In the lateral thalamus, cells exhibiting random or rhythmic low-threshold calcium spike bursts were found preponderantly in the ventral anterior nucleus (53.4%) and in the ventral lateral anterior nucleus (52.7%).  

In contrast, CB immunoreactivity is prevalent in medial thalamic nuclei (intralaminar and midline), the posterior complex, ventral posterior inferior nucleus, the ventral lateral anterior nucleus, ventral anterior, and ventral medial nuclei.  

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