Posterodorsal Nucleus Of Medial Geniculate Complex

The posterodorsal nucleus has approximately equal proportions of parvalbumin and calbindin cells; neuropil staining is weak but contains terminations of calbindin-immunoreactive fibers ascending in the midbrain tegmentum.  

In the primary visual centers of the lizards Gekko gecko and Gallotia galloti, notable overlap was observed between retinofugal fibers with: 1) ChAT-immunoreactive fibers in almost all primary visual centers; 2) 5-HT-immunoreactive fibers in the ventral lateral geniculate body and the basal optic nucleus; 3) TH-immunoreactive fibers in the nucleus ovalis and the dorsal lateral geniculate body; 4) SP- and LENK-immunoreactive fibers in the perirotundal belt; and 5) TH- and SP-immunoreactive fibers in the pretectal posterodorsal nucleus.  

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