Perifornical Nuclei

In the arcuate nucleus, most of the beta-gal-positive neurons expressed NPY, but colocalizations with beta-endorphin were also found; in the tuberal and perifornical nuclei, many beta-gal-positive neurons contained nitric oxide synthase. High levels of Y2R expression in the preoptic nuclei suggest an involvement of Y2R in the regulation of reproductive behavior, whereas Y2R expression in the arcuate, dorsomedial, and perifornical nuclei may be relevant to feeding and body weight control.  

Orexin-A- and orexin-B-immunoreactive cell bodies were confined to the lateral hypothalamic area and perifornical nuclei.  

Our results demonstrate that increased body weight and serum leptin are accompanied by an elevated neuronal c-Fos-like immunoreactivity in the lateral hypothalamus, the lateral part of the dorsomedial hypothalamic and perifornical nuclei of diet-induced obese mice.  

High levels of regulated endocrine-specific protein-18 messenger RNA were found in the magnocellular neurons of the hypothalamic paraventricular, supraoptic and accessory nuclei, in the neurons of the periventricular, medial tuberal, arcuate, lateral and perifornical nuclei, infundibular stalk, and in the ventrolateral division of the ventromedial nucleus and compact division of the dorsomedial nucleus.  

Scattered retrogradely labeled GAL-ir cells were observed in paraventricular and perifornical nuclei and in the lateral hypothalamus.  

In the hypothalamus PACAP perikarya were located in the supraoptic, paraventricular, anterior commissural, periventricular, and perifornical nuclei.  

With these techniques, oxytocin-expressing neurons were identified in medial preoptic, anterior commissural, periventricular, paraventricular, supraoptic, and perifornical nuclei as well as the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and intersupraopticoparaventricular (internuclear) islands.  

Histamine concentrations were not changed in medial or lateral accumbens, suprachiasmatic, paraventricular, arcuate, ventromedial, dorsomedial or perifornical nuclei, or in lateral hypothalamic area, cortex, or pineal gland.  

Corticotropin-releasing factor containing cells in the supraoptic and perifornical nuclei may have an importance in stress response in rats with long-term paraventricular lesions..  

The daily administration of aldosterone elevated ANP levels in the supraoptic, paraventricular and perifornical nuclei as well as in the lateral hypothalamus both in control and adrenalectomized rats. Dexamethasone which was without any significant effect on preoptic and hypothalamic nuclei in control rats elevated ANP levels in the supraoptic and perifornical nuclei and in the lateral hypothalamic area of adrenalectomized animals.  

This study demonstrates, using a new and sensitive technique for specific neurochemical tracing of tracts, that the origin of the Met-Enk-ergic innervation of the rat lateral septal nuclei lies in the magnocellular perifornical nuclei of the hypothalamus.  

The area studied comprised the ventromedial, dorsomedial and perifornical nuclei.  

Common characteristics and peculiarities of conditioned reactions to time have been revealed in units of the hypothalamic ventromedial and perifornical nuclei in accordance with morpho-functional properties of the examined structures..  

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