Parainsular Cortex

The level of euphoria was significantly increased after running and was inversely correlated with opioid binding in prefrontal/orbitofrontal cortices, the anterior cingulate cortex, bilateral insula, parainsular cortex, and temporoparietal regions.  

At these latencies we obtained consistent activation of the anterior-central parts of the insula (agranular-periallocortical and dysgranular regions) the parainsular cortex and the superior temporal sulcus.  

For example, the anterior parainsular cortex had a substantial population of large SMI-32-ir neurons in layer V and a near absence of any immunoreactive neurons in the supragranular layers.  

The second band was situated in the superior temporal gyrus where labeled cells were observed in several distinct cytoarchitectonic fields, including the parainsular cortex in the fundus of the inferior limiting sulcus.  

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