Limitans Nucleus

Several nuclei within the posterior thalamus were targets of STT neurons: the posterior nucleus, suprageniculate nucleus, magnocellular part of the medial geniculate nucleus, and limitans nucleus.  

Targets included the lateral nucleus, peri-supraoptic nucleus, and subparaventricular zone of the hypothalamus, medial amygdala, margin of the lateral habenula, posterior limitans nucleus, superior colliculus, and periaqueductal gray.  

These new projections were found in the lateral posterior nucleus, the posterior limitans nucleus, the dorsal part of the anterior pretectal nucleus and the posterior and medial pretectal nuclei.  

Neurons were found ipsilaterally in the (1) medial division of the medial geniculate body, (2) central gray, (3) posterior limitans nucleus, and the (4) reticular part of the substantia nigra.  

In rats, ErbB4 expression was observed in the habenular nuclei, the paraventricular nucleus, intermediodorsal nucleus, the central medial thalamic nucleus, the posterior nucleus, the parafascicular nucleus, the subparafascicular nucleus, the suprageniculate nucleus, the posterior limitans nucleus, the medial part of the medial geniculate nucleus, the peripeduncular nucleus, the posterior intralaminar nucleus, the lateral subparafascicular nucleus, the lateral posterior nucleus, and all ventral thalamic nuclei.  

The data show for the first time that the posterior limitans nucleus (PLi) receives a moderately dense, direct retinal input.  

Similarly, IGL neurons, many of which are NPY- and ENK-IR, project to the pretectum, particularly the posterior limitans nucleus.  

The posterior limitans nucleus is dorsomedial to the suprageniculate nucleus; it has small neurons with long, sparsely branched dendrites.  

The dorsal division consists of the dorsal nuclei, including the suprageniculate nucleus and the caudal part of the lateral posterior nucleus, the marginal zone, and the posterior limitans nucleus.  

Following injections in the inferior colliculus, terminal labeling was present in ventral, medial, and dorsal divisions of the medial genicuate body (MGB) and in adjacent areas of the posterior thalamus, including the posterior limitans nucleus, the posterior intralaminar nucleus, the marginal zone, the peripeduncular region, the lateral or parvicellular part of the subparafascicular nucleus, and a region intercalated between the posterior limitans nucleus and the suprageniculate nucleus.  

Prefrontal projections to the reticular nucleus, medial pulvinar, suprageniculate nucleus, and limitans nucleus appear to be exclusively ipsilateral.  

In the adjacent posterior limitans nucleus, the principal neuron has a medium-sized, piriform or somewhat elongated perikaryon, a few very long radiating dendrites, which may span the depth of the nucleus, and a long, poorly branched axon.  

The posterior nuclear complex of the thalamus in rhesus, pigtailed and squirrel monkeys consists of the combined suprageniculate-limitans nucleus and an ill defined region of heterogeneous cell types extending anteriorly from the dorsal lobe of the medial geniculate body towards the posterior pole of the ventral nuclear complex. The suprageniculate-limitans nucleus, the main input to which is the superior colliculus, projects upon the granular insular area of the cortex.  

Sparse degenerated axonal endings were found in the limitans nucleus, lateral posterior nucleus and some intralaminar nuclei following lesions of the superficial layers in the rostral portion of the superior colliculus. Following lesions of the deep layers of the superior colliculus, degenerated axonal endings were found in the central gray, magnocellular medial geniculate nucleus, suprageniculate nucleus, limitans nucleus, lateral posterior nucleus, medial and oral pulvinar, nucleus of the accessory optic tract, zona incerta, subdivisions of the ventral lateral and ventral posterior lateral nuclei, ventral posterior inferior nucleus, denosocellular and multiform dorsomedial nuclei, all intralaminar nuclei, inferior colliculus, parabigeminal nucleus, olivary nucleus, reunions nucleus, Forel's Field H and an undefined midbrain nucleus.  

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