Intermediate Nucleus Of Medial Geniculate Complex

The responses of DNLL neurons could be distinguished on the basis of monaural and binaural response characteristics from those in surrounding areas including the sagulum, paralemniscal zone and the intermediate nucleus of the lateral lemniscus..  

Most cells in the intermediate nucleus and the columnar division of the ventral nucleus of the lateral lemniscus were cabp(+).  

Other thalamic nuclei rich in cholinergic fibers include the pulvinar nucleus, the ventral lateral geniculate nucleus, the intermediate nucleus of the lateral group, the lateral medial and suprageniculate nuclei (Graybiel and Berson: Neuroscience 5:1175-1238, '80), and the paracentral and central-lateral components of the intralaminar nuclei.  

In addition to the ventral and dorsal nuclei of the lateral lemniscus a third well-developed nucleus has been defined which projects ipsilaterally to the inferior colliculus and which was called the intermediate nucleus of the lateral leminiscus.  

Area 19 receives input from the lateral intermediate nucleus; the caudomedial sector of the lateral posterior nucleus projects to the anterior and posterolateral areas of cortex.  

Located dorsomedial to the rostral extension of VPL is a zone of large, deeply staining cells designated as the ventral intermediate nucleus (Vim). This substantiates the presence of an intermediate nucleus (i.e., Vim) between VPL and the more rostral ventral lateral nucleus.  

These cells were continuous with a larger population of labeled cells in the lateral intermediate nucleus.  

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