Fasciculus Prosencephali Lateralis

In addition, labeling of a small number of large cells near the fasciculus prosencephali lateralis was observed at the level of the anterior commissure.  

The new cell groups identified by the antibody raised against quail recombinant aromatase were located in an area ventral to the fasciculus prosencephali lateralis, the nucleus accumbens, the paleostriatum ventrale, the nucleus taeniae, the area around the nucleus ovoidalis, the caudal tuber and the mesencephalic central gray.  

A thin layer of immunopositive cells was parallel and adjacent to the ventral edge of the brain in the preoptic and anterior hypothalamic region, a more numerous group of immunoreactive perikarya was located along the walls of the third ventricle in these same regions, and, finally, a few scattered cells were found in a more lateral position on both the internal and external sides of the tip of the fasciculus prosencephali lateralis.  

We also observed an intensely stained area ventral to the fasciculus prosencephali lateralis and lateral to the tractus septomesencephalicus, a weakly to moderately stained band ventral to the lobus parolfactorius, an intensely stained zone along the lateral ventricle in the hyperstriatum ventrale, and an unstained almond-shaped nucleus in the lateral hyperstriatum ventrale.  

Neurons projecting into the POL were located in three areas: the telencephalon, where they were scattered in the paleostriatum, the archistriatum and ventral hyperstriatum, and among the fibers of different tracts including the anterior commissure, the occipito-mesencephalic tract and the fasciculus prosencephali lateralis; the diencephalon, where fluorescent neurons with large multipolar perikarya were found in the dorsal thalamic wall; the midbrain, where large perikarya were located in the ventralis area of Tsai, the locus coeruleus, the nucleus subcoeruleus, around the medial longitudinal fasciculus, in the substantia grisea centralis, the formatio reticularis mesencephali and among the fibers of the brachium conjunctivum.  

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