Area 14 Of Prefrontal Cortex

Projections from unimodal sensory cortices reached preferentially specific medial cortices, including a projection from visual cortices to area 32/24, from somatosensory cortices to area 9, and from olfactory cortices to area 14.  

The dorsal, precallosal part of area 32 receives projections mainly from the dorsal portion of the parvocellular division of the medial dorsal nucleus (MDpc), which also provides some input to area 14.  

Cells that project to two caudal areas, 13a and Iad, do not fit with the general organization, in that they are located in the dorsomedial parts of the pars fibrosa and pars paramediana, where they overlap with cells that project to area 14.  

The results showed that MD included a clear majority (over 80%) of all thalamic neurons directed to some prefrontal cortices (areas 11, 46, and 8); it contributed just over half to some others (areas 12 and 32), and less than a third to area 14.  

When intermediate and deeper layers of the colliculus were injected, labelled cells were found also in posterior parietal cortex (area 7) where they were concentrated mainly on the posterior bank of the intraparietal fissure, in inferotemporal cortex (areas 20 and 21), in auditory cortex (area 22), in the somatosensory representation SII (anterior bank of sylvian fissure, area 2), in upper insular cortex (area 14), in motor cortex (area 4), in premotor cortex (area 6), and in prefrontal cortex (area 9).  

Although these connections characterized all areas, with the exception of Walker's area 14 and Bonin and Bailey's area FL, the caudal levels of the orbitofrontal area were found to give rise to an additional projection which terminated in the entorhinal cortex and the transitional cortices bordering the rhinal sulcus.  

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