Anterior Nucleus Of Pulvinar

Seven days post-lesion, a 20-30% decrease in Bmax values (P < 0.05) was found in the nuclei receiving input from the lesioned nucleus reticularis thalami sector (the mediodorsal nucleus and densicellular and magnocellular parts of the ventral anterior nucleus) without changes in affinity.  

In contrast, CB immunoreactivity is prevalent in medial thalamic nuclei (intralaminar and midline), the posterior complex, ventral posterior inferior nucleus, the ventral lateral anterior nucleus, ventral anterior, and ventral medial nuclei.  

Damage was characteristically limited to the lateral geniculate body, pulvinar, posterior thalamus, hippocampus, and parahippocampal gyros, without involvement of the upper midbrain and the anterior nucleus of thalamus.  

anterior nucleus (1.0 pmol/g tissue), dorsomedial nucleus (0.96 pmol/g tissue), ventral nuclei (0.72 pmol/g tissue), and pulvinar (0.86 pmol/g tissue), at levels comparable to the amygdala (0.87 pmol/g tissue) and considerably higher than levels seen in anterior cingulate (0.26 pmol/g tissue) or anterior hippocampus (0.36 pmol/g tissue).  

In the ventral anterior nucleus, GABA-positive neuronal profiles formed typical clusters, whereas they were more uniformly distributed in the posterior nuclei of the ventral group.  

A prominent projection to area 5a arises from the posterior (Po) and ventral lateral (VL) complexes; less substantial projections originate in the ventral anterior nucleus (VA), the lateral intermediate complex (LI), and the central lateral nucleus (CL).  

The following thalamic nuclei were found to project to area 19 and/or area 39 but not to areas 17 and 18: nucleus lateralis posterior, nucleus centralis lateralis, nucleus medialis dorsalis, nucleus ventralis lateralis, nucleus ventralis anterior nucleus lateralis dorsalis, and nucleus anterior ventralis.  

Such targets include the visceral cell columns of the oculomotor complex, the rostral interstitial nucleus of the medial longitudinal fasciculus, and the magnocellular division of the ventral anterior nucleus.  

The anterior nuclear group does not show much difference among these species, although attention is focussed on the differentiation of the principal anterior nucleus into anteromedial and anteroventral parts; the latter increases in structural complexity.  

In contrast, the anterior nucleus is normal.  

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