Nucleus Vestibularis Superior

Both the depressor and bradycardia responses of the nucleus fastigius and Nucleus vestibularis superior were blocked by preinjection of bicuculline (a GABAergic receptor blocker) into the rostral ventrolateral medulla. And the cardiovascular response-induced by excitation of the Nucleus vestibularis superior could also be blocked by procaine-injection into the nucleus fastigius.  

Labelled neurons appeared ipsilaterally in the caudal region of the Nucleus vestibularis superior and in the rostral tip of the nucleus descendens just lateral to the tractus lamino-olivaris. Only a few labelled neurons were seen in the contralateral Nucleus vestibularis superior, the ipsilateral cell group A, and the ipsilateral nucleus vestibularis medialis..  

Totally novel is the finding that the nucleus basalis prosencephali is the target of a direct pathway originating in the medullary Nucleus vestibularis superior.  

At the contralateral side termination in the dorsomedial cell column and the medial accessory olive was found after injections in the Nucleus vestibularis superior and group Y.  

Rhombencephalic cells projecting to the tectum could be identified in the nucleus cerebelli (only in Scyliorhinus), the Nucleus vestibularis superior, the reticular formation, the nucleus funiculi lateralis, the nucleus tractus descendens nervi trigemini, and the nucleus dorsalis and intermedius areae octavolateralis.  

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