Nucleus Subhabenularis

The DTZ is located dorsomedially in the diencephalon of birds and consists of several subnuclei: nucleus dorsomedialis anterior thalami (DMA), nucleus dorsomedialis posterior thalami (DMP), nucleus dorsolateralis anterior thalami, pars medialis (DLM), nucleus dorsointermedius posterior thalami (DIP), nucleus dorsolateralis posterior thalami (DLP), and Nucleus subhabenularis lateralis (SHL).  

cGnRH I fibers were evident in these areas in addition to the hippocampus, Nucleus subhabenularis medialis, nucleus ventromedialis hypothalami, and median eminence. ir-cGnRH II fibers were prominent in limbic structures (cortex piriformis, lateral to nucleus taeniae, hippocampus); olfactory areas (tuberculum olfactorium, Nucleus subhabenularis lateralis, nucleus septalis lateralis); areas that in other avian species have steroid-concentrating cells or receptors (medial edge of lobus parolfactorius, nucleus septalis medialis, nucleus periventricularis magnocellularis, nucleus dorsomedialis posterior thalami); and areas containing ir-GnRH I cells or fibers but not in median eminence.  

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