Nucleus Nervi Trochlearis

In the myelencephalon, PV immunoreactivity was abundant in the nucleus lateralis valvulae, in the Nucleus nervi trochlearis, nucleus nervi trigemini, nucleus nervi abducentis, nucleus nervi glossopharyngei, and in the formatio reticularis.  

In the mesencephalon, heavily stained ND-positive neurons were observed in the nucleus fasciculi longitudinalis medialis, nucleus nervi oculomotorius, and Nucleus nervi trochlearis.  

The Nucleus nervi trochlearis, which rostrally joins the nucleus nervi oculomotorii with a gap of only about 40 micron between the nuclei, is situated completely contralateral to the musculus obliquus superior supplied by it.  

Numerous cell somata containing SRIF were identified in the interpeduncular nucleus and substantia grisea centralis (GCT) at the level of the Nucleus nervi trochlearis.  

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