Nucleus Nervi Abducentis

In the myelencephalon, PV immunoreactivity was abundant in the nucleus lateralis valvulae, in the nucleus nervi trochlearis, nucleus nervi trigemini, Nucleus nervi abducentis, nucleus nervi glossopharyngei, and in the formatio reticularis.  

The nuclei with a total or partial motor function, such as the Nucleus nervi abducentis, the nucleus nervi facialis, the nucleus nervi glossopharyngei and the nucleus motorius dorsalis nervi vagi, have either an exclusive or predominant origin from the basal plate.  

The Nucleus nervi abducentis, innervating the musculus rectus lateralis, and the nucleus accessorius nervi abducentis, supplying the musculus retractor bulbi, are found in the ipsilateral medulla oblongata and exhibit a large rostrocaudal extension from the eighth cranial nerve to the first root of the vagus nerve.  

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