Nucleus Linearis Caudalis

In the brainstem, CGRPi perikarya were present in the nucleus mesencephalicus nervi trigemini, the nucleus tegmenti ventralis, the locus coeruleus, the Nucleus linearis caudalis and in the parabrachial region.  

Ten of the cell groups were situated within the region of the midline from the isthmic to the posterior rhombencephalic level and constituted the raphe system (nucleus annularis, decussatio brachium conjunctivum, area ventralis, external border of the nucleus interpeduncularis, zona peri-nervus oculomotorius, zona perifasciculus longitudinalis medialis, zona inter-flm, Nucleus linearis caudalis, nucleus raphe superior pars ventralis, nucleus raphe inferior).  

The projection was found to be topographically organized such that fibers innervating the ventromedial ventral pallidum arose from neurons located along the midline nuclei of the ventral mesencephalon, including the nucleus interfascicularis and Nucleus linearis caudalis.  

Some were also present in Nucleus linearis caudalis.  

Brainstem afferents to Hp and APH included ipsilateral projections from the area ventralis (Tsai) nucleus reticularis pontis oralis, nucleus raphes, nucleus subceruleus dorsalis, and nucleus centralis superior of Bechterew, and bilateral projections from the Nucleus linearis caudalis and locus ceruleus, of which the nucleus subceruleus dorsalis, nucleus centralis superior of Bechterew, and locus ceruleus projected to APH only.  

Increases were also observed after 90 min in 5-HT nerve cell bodies in the median raphe nucleus and terminals in the Nucleus linearis caudalis, and in CA nerve cell bodies in the pars compacta of the substantia nigra and the ventral tagmental area.  

Preterminal fields were identified in the contralateral substantia grisea perinventricularis of the tectum, lateral mesencephalic reticularnuclei, area pretectalis, Nucleus linearis caudalis, nuclues posteroventrialis, and lateral geniculate nucleus, pars ventralis.  

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