Nucleus Externus

On the other hand, an appreciable number of TH-immunoreactive unmyelinated axons and synaptic boutons were found in all subdivisions of the IC, most often in the Nucleus externus, followed by the nucleus pericentralis, and a few were seen in the dorsomedial part of the central nucleus.  

Neurons and fibers positive for NADPH-diaphorase are observed throughout the rostro-caudal extent of the inferior colliculus, located in its three main subdivisions: nucleus centralis, nucleus pericentralis and Nucleus externus.  

High numbers of beta 2-LI somata were found only in the nucleus spiriformis lateralis, whereas neuropil staining for beta 2-LI was intense in the nucleus geniculatus lateralis ventralis, nucleus suprachiasmaticus, nucleus lateralis anterior, nucleus habenularis lateralis, area pretectalis, griseum tecti, nucleus lentiformis mesencephalis, Nucleus externus, and nucleus interpeduncularis, and in the stratum griseum centrale, stratum griseum et fibrosum superficiale, and stratum opticum of the tectum.  

Less clearly segregated eye dominance zones were seen in the ectomammillary nucleus and the Nucleus externus.  

Most of the ipsilateral fibers appear to be directed to the lateral anterior and dorsolateral anterior nuclei of the thalamus, to the pretectal region, and to the ectomammillary nucleus and the adjoining Nucleus externus.  

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