Nucleus Dorsolateralis Posterior Thalami

In the diencephalon, CGRPi perikarya were present mainly in the shell of the thalamic nucleus ovoidalis, the nucleus semilunaris paraovoidalis, the nucleus dorsolateralis posterior thalami, and in the hypothalamic nucleus of the ansa lenticularis.  

Tracing experiments revealed a projection of the nucleus dorsolateralis posterior thalami (DLP) into those portions of NCL in which visual, auditory, and somatosensory afferents from intratelencephalic parasensory areas terminate.  

The DTZ is located dorsomedially in the diencephalon of birds and consists of several subnuclei: nucleus dorsomedialis anterior thalami (DMA), nucleus dorsomedialis posterior thalami (DMP), nucleus dorsolateralis anterior thalami, pars medialis (DLM), nucleus dorsointermedius posterior thalami (DIP), nucleus dorsolateralis posterior thalami (DLP), and nucleus subhabenularis lateralis (SHL).  

Nucleus uvaeformis (Uva), previously identified as a component of song control circuitry in songbirds, and nucleus dorsolateralis posterior thalami, pars caudalis (DLPc) in pigeon, were compared with respect to their relative positions in the dorsolateral part of the posterior thalamus, their cell types, and their afferent and efferent projections.  

Neuronal activity was extracellularly recorded from the nucleus dorsolateralis posterior thalami (DLP) of anesthetized pigeons.  

This pathway passes from the optic tectum to nucleus dorsolateralis posterior thalami and then to the neostriatum intermedium, including the medial ectostriatum.  

HRP-labeled cells were seen in the nucleus triangularis (Tr), nucleus dorsolateralis posterior thalami (DLP), and a few labeled cells were scattered in the hyperstriatum ventrale (HV).  

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