Nervus Oculomotorius

One patient complained of severe neuropathy (Nervus oculomotorius paresis), and another one developed severe ECG abnormalities CONCLUSIONS: When suitable premedication is applied few side-effects of PTXL therapy are reported..  

Ten of the cell groups were situated within the region of the midline from the isthmic to the posterior rhombencephalic level and constituted the raphe system (nucleus annularis, decussatio brachium conjunctivum, area ventralis, external border of the nucleus interpeduncularis, zona peri-Nervus oculomotorius, zona perifasciculus longitudinalis medialis, zona inter-flm, nucleus linearis caudalis, nucleus raphe superior pars ventralis, nucleus raphe inferior).  

Anti-cGnRH-II[ 2-10] serum immunoreacted with magnocellular neurons distributed in the rostral end of the mesencephalon along the midline close to the Nervus oculomotorius (N III).  

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