Datasets -> Surface Drawings from The Brain of the Dog in Section, Singer/Leedle

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The following text is excerpted from A Digital Edition of the Brain of the Dog in Section, available for download here.
A fourth dog brain obtained later was used for the surface drawings of the whole brain, including dorsal, ventral, lateral, and midsagittal views; the latter view is reproduced twice in order to include all the necessary labels.

Plate 1:
Conspectus dorsalis

Dataset Id: 162
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Plate 2:
Conspectus lateralis

Dataset Id: 163
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Plate 3:
Conspectus ventralis

Dataset Id: 164
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Plate 4:
Conspectus medialis I

Dataset Id: 165
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Plate 5:
Conspectus medialis II

Dataset Id: 166
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