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Abbreviations used for the  monkey

In naming structures in the macaque monkey brain, the atlas follows what is established English usage and as far as possible is consistent with the terminology applied in other mammalian species. The names of structures and their abbreviations derive from a number of archival sources and no novel names or abbreviations have been created. Gyri and sulci of the cerebral hemisphere are named according to Von Bonin and Bailey (The Neocortex of Macaca Mulatta, 1947). The delineation of areas of the cerebral cortex derives from many sources that deal with the various regions of the cortex, including: Amaral et al. (J Comp Neurol 1987, 264:326), Burton and Jones (J Comp Neurol, 1976, 168:249), Carmichael and Price (J Comp Neurol, 1994, 346:366), Desimone and Ungerleider (J Comp Neurol, 1986, 248:164), Felleman and Van Essen (Cerebral Cortex, 1991, 1:1), Jones et al. (J Comp Neurol, 1978, 181:291), Mesulam and Mufson (Cerebral Cortex Volume 4, 1985, p.179), Seltzer and Pandya (J Comp Neurol, 1989, 290:451), Vogt et al. (J Comp Neurol, 1987, 262:256). In the basal ganglia Heimer et al. (Handbook of Chemical Neuroanatomy, Volume 15 Part III, p. 57) were followed. In the thalamus the nomenclature is that of Jones (The Thalamus, Second Edition, 2007). In the hypothalamus and adjacent regions the nomenclature is mainly derived from Saper (The Human Nervous System, Volume 17, 2004, p.513). In the brainstem primarily Olszewski and Baxter (Cytoarchitecture of the Human Brain Stem, 1982) were followed, with additional names derived from Berman (The Brain Stem of the Cat, 1968).

Currently, the high resolution images of coronal sections of the rhesus monkey brain and the lower resolution atlas made from the same sections are fully labeled using these abbreviations and labeling of the sagittal and horizontal series of sections is currently underway.

1-2cortical areas 1 & 2
3acortical area 3a
3bcortical area 3b
3Vthird ventricle
4cortical area 4
4Vfourth ventricle
5MEmesencephalic trigeminal nucleus
6cortical area 6
7Acortical area 7A
7Mcortical area 7M
8cortical area 8
9cortical area 9
12cortical area 12
13cortical area 13
14cortical area 14
17cortical area 17
18cortical area 18
23cortical area 23
24cortical area 24
25cortical area 25
30cortical area 30
36cortical area 36
45cortical area 45
46cortical area 46
AAAanterior amygdaloid area
AAB accessory basal nuclei of amygdala
ABLbasolateral nucleus of amygdala
ABMbasomedial nucleus of amygdala
ACanterior commissure
ACCnucleus accumbens
ACEcentral nucleus of amygdala
ACNnucleus of anterior commissure
ACOanterior cortical nucleus of amygdala
ACXdecussation of anterior commissure
ADanterodorsal nucleus of thalamus
AHAamygdalo-hippocampal area
AIauditory cortex core, AI field
AINintercalated cell islands of amygdala
ALansa lenticularis
ALAlateral nucleus of amygdala
AManteromedial nucleus of thalamus
AMBnucleus ambiguus
AMEmedial nucleus of amygdala
AMTSanterior middle temporal sulcus
AODdorsal terminal nucleus of accessory optic tract
AOLlateral terminal nucleus of accessory optic tract
AParea postrema
AQcerebral aqueduct
ARauditory cortex core, R field
ASarcuate sulcus
AVanteroventral nucleus of thalamus
BAAMbelt auditory cortex, anteromedial field
BALbelt auditory cortex, lateral field
BAMbelt auditory cortex, medial field
BAPMbelt auditory cortex, posteromedial field
BCbrachium conjunctivum
BCSbrachium of superior colliculus
BCXdecussation of brachium conjunctivum
BICbrachium of inferior colliculus
BNMbasal nucleus of Meynert
BPbrachium pontis
CA caudate nucleus
CAM cornu ammonis
CAScalcarine sulcus
CBINinterposed nucleus of cerebellum
CBLlateral nucleus of cerebellum
CBMmedial nucleus of cerebellum
CCcorpus callosum
CDdorsal cochlear nucleus
CeMcentral medial nucleus of thalamus
CeScentral sulcus
CFcuneate fasciculus
CGcingulate gyrus
CGrcentral gray
CGScingulate sulcus
CIinterstitial cochlear nucleus
CLcentral lateral nucleus of the thalamus
CMcentre median nucleus of thalamus
CNFcuneiform nucleus
CNMcentral nucleus of medulla oblongata
CPcerebral peduncle
CRcentral lineal nucleus of the raphe
CScentral sulcus
CSTcorticospinal tract
CSXcommissure of superior colliculus
CTTcortico-tectal tract
Cucuneate nucleus
CVventral cochlear nucleus
CXexternal cuneate nucleus
Dnucleus of Darkschewitsch
DASdorsal acoustic stria
DBHhorizontal nucleus of diagonal band
DBVvertical nucleus of diagonal band
DCHdorsal chiasmatic nucleus
DGdentate gyrus
DHdorsal horn
DPdorsal prelunate area
DRdorsal raphe
DSCTdorsal spinocerebellar tract
DXdorsal vagal nucleus
Eendopiriform nucleus
ECSectocalcarine sulcus
ENTentorhinal cortex
EWnucleus of Edinger & Westphal
FFfield of Forel
FPprecommissural fornix
FSTarea FST of temporal cortex
FTCcentral tegmental field
FTGgigantocellular tegmental field
Ggustatory cortex
GFgracile fasciculus
GPeglobus pallidus, external division
GPi globus pallidus, internal division
Grgracile nucleus
HAAanterior hypothalamic area
HChabenular commissure
HDdorsal hypothalamic nucleus
HDAdorsal hypothalamic area
HDMdorsomedial nucleus of hypothalamus
Hllateral habenular nucleus
HLAlateral hypothalamic area
HLmcmagnocellular nucleus of lateral hypothalamus
Hmmedial habenular nucleus
HMAmedial hypothalamic area
HPAposterior hypothalamic area
HPThabenulopeduncular tract
HShippocampal sulcus
ICinternal capsule
ICAinterstitial nucleus of Cajal
ICASinferior ramus of calcarine sulcus
ICCcentral nucleus of inferior colliculus
ICPpericentral nucleus of inferior colliculus
ICXexternal nucleus of superior colliculus
IGindusium griseum
IIIoculomotor nucleus
IIINoculomotor nerve
IINoptic nerve
INFinfundibular (arcuate) nucleus
InsAinsular cortex, agranular field
InsDinsular cortex, dysgranular field
InsGinsular cortex, granular field
IPAarea IPA of temporal cortex
Ipointerposed nucleus
IO inferior olivary complex
IODdorsal accessory nucleus of inferior olivary complex
IOMmedial accessory nucleus of inferior olivary complex
IOPprincipal nucleus of inferior olivary complex
IOS inferior occipital sulcus
IP interpeduncular nuclei
IPSintraparietal sulcus
ISCisland(s) of Calleja
ITGinferior temporal gyrus
ITSinferior temporal sulcus
IV trochlear nucleus
IVSsupratrochlear nucleus
IVNtrochlear nerve
IXNglossopharyngeal nerve
KFKolliker-Fuse nucleus
Llimitans nucleus of thalamus
LClocus coeruleus
LCNlateral cervical nucleus
LCSlateral corticospinal tract
LDlateral dorsal nucleus of thalamus
LFlenticular fasciculus
LGddorsal lateral geniculate nucleus
LIPlateral intraparietal area
LLlateral lemniscus
LLDdorsal nucleus of lateral lemniscus
LLVventral nucleus of lateral lemniscus
LMmedial lemniscus
LMXdecussation of medial lemniscus
LOPlateral occipito-parietal area
LOT lateral olfactory tract
LPlateral posterior nucleus of thalamus
LPOlateral preoptic area
LRlateral reticular nucleus
LSlateral sulcus
LTlamina terminalis
LUSlunate sulcus
LVlateral ventricle
MDmediodorsal nucleus of thalamus
MEmedian eminence
MGadanterodorsal nucleus of medial geniculate complex
MGmcmagnocellular nucleus of medial geniculate complex
MGpdposterodorsal nucleus of medial geniculate complex
MGvventral nucleus of medial geniculate complex
MIPmedial intraparietal area
MLlateral mamillary nucleus
MLBmedial longitudinal bundle
MM medial mamillary nucleus
MPmamillary peduncle
MPOmedian preoptic nucleus
MPOSmedial parieto-occipital sulcus
MRmedian raphe nucleus
MS supramamillary nucleus
MSTmedial superior temporal area
MTmiddle temporal area
MTT mamillothalamic tract
MVmedioventral nucleus of thalamus
NBnucleus of brachium of inferior colliculus
NCcentral nucleus of brainstem
NLOTnucleus of lateral olfactory tract
NOTnucleus of optic tract
NPCnucleus of posterior commissure
NSnucleus of solitary tract
NSTnucleus of stria terminalis
NTBnucleus of trapezoid body
OANanterior olfactory nucleus
OBolfactory bulb
OCXoptic chiasm
OFSorbitofrontal sulcus
OLSolfactory sulcus
OLTolfactory tubercle
OlTolfactory tract
OPTolivary pretectal nucleus
ORoptic radiation
ORSorbital sulcus
OT optic tract
OTSoccipito-temporal sulcus
Pa paraventricular nuclei of thalamus
PAGperiaqueductal gray
PAHparaventricular nucleus of hypothalamus
PAMperiamygdaloid area
PBparabrachial nucleus
PBGparabigeminal nucleus
Pcparacentral nucleus of thalamus
PC posterior commissure
PCOposterior cortical nucleus of amygdala
PCSprecentral sulcus
Peperiventricular hypothalamic area
PFperifornical nuclei
Pfparafascicular nucleus of thalamus
Pgparagigantocellular reticular nucleus
PGAarea PGA of temporal cortex
PGrpontine gray
PIparainsular cortex
PIPposterior intraparietal area
PLparalaminar nucleus of amygdala
Plllateral nucleus of pulvinar
Plmmedial nucleus of pulvinar
Plaanterior nucleus of pulvinar
Pliinferior nucleus of pulvinar
Plilinferior nucleus of pulvinar, lateral division
Pliminferior nucleus of pulvinar, medial division
PMpremammillary nucleus
PMRparamedian reticular nucleus
PMTSposterior middle temporal sulcus
PnCcaudal pontine reticular nucleus
PnOoral pontine reticular nucleus
POparieto-occipital area
Po posterior nucleus of thalamus
POApreoptic area
PoCSpostcentral sulcus
POSparieto-occipital sulcus
PPHnucleus prepositus hypoglossi
PPNperipeduncular nucleus
PPTpedunculopontine tegmental nucleus
PRprerubral field
PRCperirhinal cortex (area 35)
PRCOprecentral opercular cortex
PrCprecommissural nucleus of pretectum
Prgpregeniculate (ventral lateral geniculate) nucleus
PRPprepiriform cortex
PRSprincipal sulcus
Pt parataenial nucleus of thalamus
PTAanterior pretectal nucleus
PTMmedial pretectal nucleus
PTPposterior pretectal nucleus
PyXpyramidal decussation
R reticular nucleus of thalamus
RAretroambiguus nucleus
RBrestiform body
Rhrhomboid (central) nucleus of thalamus
RIretroinsular area
RMraphe magnus
RNred nucleus
RNmred nucleus magnocellular division
RNpred nucleus parvocellular division
ROraphe obscurus
ROSrostral sulcus
RPraphe pallidus
RPnpontine raphe nucleus
RSrhinal sulcus
RSPretrosplenial cortex (areas 29, 30)
RTPreticulotegmental pontine nucleus
Sagnucleus sagulum
Sbsubthalamic nucleus
SbCSsubcentral sulcus
SC superior colliculus
SCASsuperior ramus of calcarine sulcus
SCDdeep layers of superior colliculus
SCI intermediate layers of superior colliculus
SCNsuprachiasmatic nucleus
SCOsubcommissural organ
SCSsuperficial layers of superior colliculus
SDNdorsal septal nucleus
SeHseptohippocampal nucleus
SFNseptofimbrial nucleus
SFOsubfornical organ
SFSsuperior frontal sulcus
SGsuprageniculate nucleus of thalamus
SGesupragenual nucleus
SHNseptohypothalamic nucleus
SI substantia innominata
SII second somatosensory area of cerebral cortex
SbCSsubcentral sulcus
SCASsuperior ramus of calcarine sulcus
SLNlateral septal nucleus
SMstria medullaris of thalamus
SMNmedial septal nucleus
SNcpars compacta of substantia nigra
SNrpars reticulata of substantia nigra
SOLlateral superior olivary nucleus
SOMmedial superior olivary nucleus
SONsupraoptic nucleus
SOXsupraoptic commissure
SPseptum pellucidum
SPfsubparafascicular nucleus
SPSsubparietal sulcus
SpTVspinal tract of trigeminal
SSIIsecond somatosensory areas
SSpsupraspinal nucleus
STsolitary tract
STCsuperior temporal cortex
STGsuperior temporal gyrus
STNtriangular septal nucleus
STrstria terminalis
STSsuperior temporal sulcus
TAAarea TAA of temporal cortex
TBtrapezoid body
TDdorsal tegmental nucleus
TEinferotemporal cortex
TEAarea TEA of temporal cortex
TEOarea TEO of temporal cortex
TFarea TF of parahippocampal cortex
TLDlateral dorsal tegmental nucleus
TMtubero-mamillary area
TPtemporal polar cortex
TPOarea TPO of temporal cortex
TSptectospinal tract
TTtaenia tecta
TUlateral tuberal nucleus
TXtegmental decussations
Vmotor nucleus of trigeminal
VAventral anterior nucleus of thalamus
VAmcventral anterior nucleus of thalamus, magnocellular division
VCNvestibulocerebellar nucleus
VHventral horn
VIabducens nucleus
VII facial nucleus
VIINfacial nerve
VIIINcochlear nerve
VINabducens nerve
VIPventral intraparietal area
VLaventral lateral anterior nucleus of thalamus
VLpventral lateral posterior nucleus of thalamus
VMventral medial nucleus of thalamus
VMHventral medial nucleus of hypothalamus
VNtrigeminal nerve
VPprincipal trigeminal nucleus
VPaventral pallidum
VPIventral posterior inferior nucleus of thalamus
VPLventral posterior lateral nucleus of thalamus
VPMventral posterior medial nucleus of thalamus
VRventral raphe
VSCventral spinocerebellar tract
VSIinferior vestibular nucleus
VSLlateral vestibular nucleus
VSMmedial vestibular nucleus
VSpspinal trigeminal nucleus
VSpCspinal trigeminal nucleus caudal division
VSpIspinal trigeminal nucleus interpolar division
VspOspinal trigeminal nucleus oral division
VSSsuperior vestibular nucleus
VTAventral tegmental area
V3visual area 3
V3vvisual area 3, ventral division
V4visual area 4
XIIhypoglossal nucleus
ZIzona incerta