Nucleus Subrotundus

The FG data suggest the presence of afferent projections from the ovoidais shell and nucleus subrotundus region, the hippocampal complex in both species, and high vocal nucleus in starlings.  

Specific binding of 125I-ovine PRL was detected in choroid plexus and in several diencephalic brain regions of both sexes, with highest binding activity recorded in the dorsolateral thalamus, medial habenula, nucleus subrotundus, and preoptic area.  

In the thalamus, labeled fibers and terminals were observed in the avian thalamic reticular nucleus, the proposed motor part of the avian ventral tier (ventrointermediate area), the avian parafascicular nucleus (nucleus dorsointermedius posterior), as well as in the avian nucleus subrotundus (which may be comparable to the posterior intralaminar nuclei of mammals).  

Our results indicate that the dorsal pallidum in pigeons projects to three areas of the dorsal thalamus: the dorsointermediate posterior nucleus, the ventrointermediate area, and the nucleus subrotundus. Our results indicate that neurons in the rostral ventrointermediate area, but not in the nucleus subrotundus, the dorsointermediate posterior nucleus, or the intermediate or caudal parts of the ventrointermediate area, project to the rostral Wulst.  

In accordance with previous studies, projections of subtelencephalic areas were revealed to originate from the thalamic posterior dorsolateral nucleus and nucleus subrotundus, as well as from the tegmental nucleus pedunculopontinus and locus coeruleus.  

A small number of neuronal populations with embryonic expression of NGFR remain strongly NGFR-positive in the posthatch animal:habenular nuclei (labeled after E5), nucleus subrotundus (after E9), mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus (after E5), caudal parts of locus ceruleus and nucleus subceruleus (after E7), medullar reticular nuclei (after E11), and motor nuclei IX, X, and XII (after E9).  

There are weaker or more diffuse projections to the rostral locus coeruleus (cell group A8), the compact portion of the pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus, the central grey and intercollicular region, the ventral area of Tsai, the medial spiriform nucleus, the nucleus subrotundus, the anterior preoptic area, and the diagonal band of Broca.  

In addition, another 5 telencephalic afferent nuclei are found in the diencephalon; the nucleus subrotundus of Sheldon, nucleus preglomerulosus pars anterior, nucleus ventromedialis thalami, nucleus centralis posterior and nucleus posterior thalami..  

Only APH received bilateral input from the nucleus superficialis parvicellularis (this nucleus may send a small projection to Hp) and nucleus dorsolateralis anterior thalami, pars medialis, and an ipsilateral projection from the nucleus subrotundus.  

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